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High-quality outsourced cleaning, labour and upkeep services

We offer a wide range of outsourced cleaning, labour and upkeep services to ensure a seamless collaboration of all your business and lifestyle needs. With well-trained staff, hands-on management and a team of specialists at our disposal, we are able to produce consistently excellent work on time and on budget.

We will supply all materials, supplies, equipment and labour required for any project or contract service you require.

DBU Cleaning Services

Cleaning is at the core of DBU Outsource, offering a wide range of quality specialised and general cleaning services to the domestic, commercial, industrial, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, retail and educational sectors.

We are also able to tackle less regular and more difficult cleaning and maintenance requirements, with a dedicated team attending to any specific task you or your company may face.

DBU Labour Services

Offering an adaptable and flexible labour provision with well-trained and supervised staff, we are able to provide effective cost management and full-facility management solutions.

A personal and hands-on management style, coupled with a flexible approach to contracts, ensures that we can meet the changing needs of all our clients at short notice.

DBU Upkeep Services

Dedicated to all your general upkeep requirements, this division comprises garden and landscaping, sanitary services, and a personal delivery and collection service.

Comprehensive garden and landscaping services ensure the full coverage of your business upkeep. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools and skills, and will make sure that your business landscape is neat and professional.

Sanitary services see the discrete supply and maintenance of Sanibins. Our team places these in female restrooms for convenience, and collects and replaces them on a regular basis, correctly disposing of the contents.

Finally, all DBU Outsource clients are able to make use of a personal delivery and collection service that operates within the Durban metro area. Aimed at enhancing the convenience of your day-to-day errands, this service can be used to deliver or collect general post, specific banking papers, urgent documents, tax, medical aid and so much more.

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